22 Alternatives to Trick or Treating

When it comes to Halloween 2020, things are going to be a little different than we’re used to this year. The tradition of trick or treating is still continuing, depending on where you live. Some towns and cities have decided to press pause on the activity this year, while others are allowing it but encouraging wearing masks and following social distancing.

You may feel that you want to do more to celebrate Halloween than just put up some decorations or watch a classic Halloween movie on your television. If you’re a parent, you may be searching for ways that you can do fun activities with your kids, or go trick or treating in a way that is going to let everyone have fun while still being as safe as possible. Whether you are a teenager, kid, family, a young adult, or an adult, here are some Halloween ideas that you can incorporate into this season so it can still be enjoyable.

Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

If you plan on going trick or treating for Halloween 2020, keep these safety tips in mind.

  • Have your kids wear masks and match them to their costumes. Even though it’s a time of year to have fun, if your children are going door to door then it’s important for them to wear masks. However, do not wear a costume mask over the protective mask as this could lead to breathing trouble. You can coordinate them to the costume through color and theme or simply go with one that is all black or has a Halloween design.
  • If you do go out this Halloween 2020, go as a family unit only. It’s best not to meet up with friends for group treating this year.
  • Wait your turn at doors and avoid groups. Distance and avoid forming group clusters while out.
  • Stick close to your local neighborhood. Avoid going out of town or to different areas to go door to door.
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you.
  • Have children wash their hands when they get home.

Safety Tips for Halloween Gatherings

If one of your Halloween ideas includes getting a group of friends and family members together to celebrate, have a safe and healthy event by implementing the following tips.

  • Stay six feet apart. Make sure that everyone maintains proper distancing.
  • Open windows inside to promote airflow and maintain social distancing if outside.
  • Wear masks whenever possible except for eating and drinking.
  • Choose outdoor activities, such as a bonfire, that allow for social distancing but are still really fun.
  • Keep hand sanitizer readily available. It’s one of the best Halloween ideas when it comes to being safe!
  • Stick to the bubble. Family and close friends you’ve already seen is safer than inviting random contacts and guests.

Trick or Treat Alternatives

If you’re not feeling the idea of going out for Halloween 2020, that’s perfectly fine. Here are some great Halloween ideas that can help you celebrate the season anyway. Read on and get inspired to make this holiday lots of spooky fun.

For Families

  • Paint or carve pumpkins. Whether painting them, carving them, or drawing on them with marker, this is a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy.
  • Put up decorations together. Even if it’s just adding and installing one thing, like a cackling witch or fake spider webs, kids love seeing the results of their creative efforts.
  • Host a Halloween costume showing party with your children’s friends and family online. Everyone will get to show off their costume and you can have fun and socialize while also getting into the festive spirit. The kids will love seeing everyone’s different outfits and commenting on how much they like what their friends have done!
  • Attend an outdoor fall or Halloween-themed community event. Outdoor activities are safer than indoors overall. This is a great chance to visit the local corn maze or even go apple picking at a local orchard.
  • Check out or put on a costume parade. You can socially distance while on bikes, getting exercise and showing off your costumes. Or keep an eye out for others doing the same!
  • Halloween movie night. Choose a kid-friendly film that the whole family can enjoy!
  • Go to a trunk or treat type of event. Some communities are hosting these, where kids can circle round the trunks of parked cars and get their treats- without contact. Unique Halloween ideas for the win!
  • Do an evening treat hunt. All you need is glow in the dark eggs and fill them with treats. As the sun goes down, let your kids search the yard and find treats as the eggs slowly start to glow!
  • Make Halloween slime! Any time’s a good time for slime!

For Teens

  • Have a Halloween movie marathon. One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is by kicking back on the couch with some popcorn and candy and enjoying a selection of some of the best Halloween movies, whether you’re into light classics or something a little more spooky.
  • Have a pizza decorating contest. Take one pizza canvas and everything from chopped olives to peppers, onions, pepperoni. Best spooky pizza art wins!
  • Devise a treat chute for your home. It’s a safer way to deliver treats to kids and turns you into a brilliant architect of safety for Halloween 2020.
  • Hang out with friends online. Hey, not everything has to be seasonal, and you get to hang with friends on Halloween. What’s not to like?

For Young Adults

  • Roast pumpkin seeds. If you have a toaster oven or just an oven, it’s a simple recipe and tasty too. You’ll be proud of your culinary accomplishments.
  • Download a Halloween background for Zoom. Now online chatting or attending classes is more festive than ever.
  • Leave a Halloween treat for a friend. Come up with something to leave for them — candy or even a pie — then ring their doorbell and watch from far away as they wonder what’s happening. Be sure to call or text them so they are clued in to who did it, then say, “Happy Halloween!”
  • Have a Halloween dance party with friends online. If you love to dance, why not do the Monster Mash?
  • Do a Halloween drawing this Halloween 2020. Drawing is a great activity and a way to express yourself. You may find that you really enjoy it.

For Couples

  • Have a Halloween treat-off. Have a contest and see who can come up with the superior Halloween treat creation at home. Or simply bake cookies and see who can come up with the more artful dessert display using the same ingredients.
  • Do a two-for-one movie night. Your partner picks one movie, you pick the other. Just like that, you’ve got a Halloween movie marathon you’ll both enjoy!
  • Decorate together. Then step back and admire the work that you’ve done together.
  • Have a seasonal snacking feast! Shop for your favorite seasonal food and drink items separately and collect them together at the end. You’ll have a grand assortment of all the best that the season and stores have to offer.

Have a GR8 Holiday

From all of us at GR8NESS, we wish you and your family a happy, safe, and healthy Halloween 2020. Whether you’re hitting the pavement to do some trick or treating or have other Halloween ideas in mind, get in the spirit and make this a Halloween to remember. And don’t forget the candy!

Originally published at https://www.gr8ness.com on October 27, 2020.



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Follow your own path to Gr8er self care, on your own terms, in your own time. Join our community at GR8NESS.com.