Trying the 21-Day Vegan Challenge

3 min readOct 22, 2020

I’ve been a borderline vegetarian/vegan for years, so I know going vegan can be quite the challenge. I began by avoiding red meat and pork, then stopped eating chicken. For years I continued to eat seafood. Eventually I began cutting fish, and then shellfish, out of my diet as well.

I became vegan inside the house and vegetarian outside the house, because it was just “too hard” to eat vegan in a restaurant. I gave up cheese. I began cooking vegan meals at home. I learned how to balance my diet. I’m still working on the baking part.

If you are on the verge of making the jump to vegan, this 21-day vegan challenge may give you the final nudge you need. See if you can do it for 21 days, then keep adding more days until you can’t remember the last time you ate cheese or milk products.

What to Expect from This Challenge

During the 21 days of this challenge, I’ll be nudging you towards a more vegan lifestyle. Just remember, I feel your pain. I spent a long time in the transition phase. And don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way. I will give you helpful tips and encouragement to keep you going. During this challenge, you’ll get:

  • Easy vegan recipes to get you started
  • How to handle negative comments about your diet
  • How to make sure your vegan diet is healthy

After the 21 days, you’ll have vegan recipes, tips for when the going gets tough, and inspiration to keep going. You’ll feel better inside and out. I hope you’re as excited by this challenge as I am.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be sending you tips to stay on a vegan diet. Get ready to learn more and share your journey at #GR8Vegan.

Day 1: Master Your Meal Prep

Getting your meals under control is the key to sticking to any diet.

Day 2: Figure Out How Much Protein You Need

Beans, legumes, and tofu are GR8 protein sources.

Day 3: Make a Delicious Meatless Meal for Dinner

Share your meal with #GR8vegan.

Day 4: Level Up Your Hydration

Find more exciting ways to drink more water.

Day 5 Myth: Vegan Diets Aren’t Healthy

Fact: A vegan diet may be the key to gut health.

Day 6: Check Your Mindset

Do an inventory and see what is holding you back.

Day 7: Try a Milk Alternative

Oat, soy, almond, and cashew, there are so many to try.

Day 8: Stay Focused with Mini Meditation Sessions

Try a 1-minute, 5-minute, or 10-minute meditation.

Day 9: Check If You Have Any Vitamin Deficiencies

Eat to ward off vitamin deficiencies.

Day 10: Myth: Vegans Don’t Need Supplements

Fact: Many people who are not vegans have nutrient deficiencies.

Day 11: Change Your Diet to Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

Add vegan dairy products to your diet.

Day 12: Keep Your Meal Prep Going

Cook for a day, eat all week. Share your meals at #GR8vegan.

Day 13: You Mean THAT’S Not Vegan?

Test your vegan knowledge.

Day 14: Be Mindful of Your Self Care

Add these easy ideas to your routine.

Day 15: Balance Your Vegan Diet

Make sure you are watching your nutrition.

Day 16: Know Your Nuts

Find out which ones pack the most nutrients.

Day 17: Examine Your Feelings about Your Diet

Share why you chose vegan at #GR8vegan.

Day 18: Why Can’t I Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet

Going vegan isn’t a magic bullet for weight loss.

Day 19: Give Yourself Some Love

Affirmations to power your journey.

Day 20: Myth: Veganism Is Hard and Boring

Fact: There are plenty of delicious, easy vegan recipes.

Day 21: Congratulations! You Made It.

Share how you feel about achieving your goal at #GR8vegan.

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